Who We Are?

As an international company, we provide workforce for industry sectors.

We are able to make the most use of our broad professional skills and we can deliver workforce for short or longer periods of time.

The company operates internationally with local offices in USA, Poland, Norway and Finland. All workers are registered into the customer’s country and tax is collected according to local law.

Staff, the employer and Glowo International are subject to all aplicable laws and industry trade agreements.

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Available Skilled Workforce

Assembly Line Workers, Bricklayers, Building Assistants, Carpenters, Cleaners, Conreterers, Drivers & Mechanics, Electricians, Fitters, Foremans, Forklift Drivers, Heavy Machinery Operators, Insulation Installers, Plumbers, Pipe Installers, Locksmiths, Nurses, Nursing Aids, Painters, Quality Inspectors, Roofers, Metal Workers, Storage Workers, Tilers, Tinsmiths, Translators, Turners, Welders, Window Installers, etc.

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Our Clients

Some of our major clients are: