Glowo International

About us

Glowo International

Our standards are honesty, fairness, dedication and punctuality!

Our objectives

Our goal is to connect qualified employees with the companies that need them most. We help our clients maintain a competitive advantage by enabling them to tailor their workforce requirements to meet product and service demands.

  • We respond quickly to job applications.
  • We help clients by giving them access to the best people.
  • We offer our clients the best service and quality.
  • We build trust and a good reputation, both with customers and employees.

We are a reliable source of highly qualified staff and offer employees the opportunity to secure permanent contracts. We support employers in their preparations and also offer translation services.

Our principles

GLOWO International will take prompt action to address workers’ questions, concerns or complaints about unsafe conditions, discrimination or other terms and conditions of their employment.

We adhere to a strict code of ethics and good conduct and treat all applicants with dignity and respect. We offer equal employment opportunities regardless of race, colour, religion, national origin, gender or age.

Health and safety

Our first objective is to prevent accidents and illnesses at work by anticipating, assessing, identifying and managing hazards. To prevent injuries, we hold specific health and safety courses that prepare each employee to work in different environments.

The aim of the training is to familiarize the worker with basic safety and health rules and first aid. At the client’s request, we provide each employee with the following: a medical certificate, a drug test, a background check, a safety card and a hot work card.

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